The Classic tour package

Here's a classic tour package that could suit a general range of exciting interests at an affordable price.

Classic Tours

The Family tour package

This is a tour package that takes into consideration the fact that both you and your children would like to have a great time abroad and indulging in activities suitable to both age dynamics.

Family Tours


The Extravagant tour package

Here's our special package for the 'no holds barred' tourist who wants to have a mind blowing experience and to spoil his or herself at any cost.

Extravagant Tours

The romantic tours

This is a conglomerate of tours that fall under the umbrella tour theme of romance. It includes extraordinary and flexible 'Romantic getaways' 'Destination weddings' and 'singles soul searching journeys.'

The Girly girl tours.

This tour package offers a wide range of fun, leisurely and pampering girly girl activities during a woman's time abroad.