Our history

Having lived, worked and studied in several continents all over the world, our history is deeply rooted in a multi-cultural background that's encapsulated in a holisitc worldly view.

This broad exposure allows us to derive at alternative point of views that are both flexible and versatile.

Our passion is for uniting cultures, sharing adventures, and for hosting curious, inquisitive or even eccentric minds .

These key values allow us to proffer tour solutions to an eclectic range of tourists regardless of background, aspirations or personal preference.

We also forge strong partnerships with the local tourism boards in France, Europe and Africa in order to offer a more rounded, intricate and personalised service structure to our clients.

Our philosophy

To us tourism is not just a picture of a model lying on a beach doing nothing. There are so many things to see in this world and we propose to show them to you in our own unique way.

We believe in a dyamic, modernistic, thematic kind of tourism which includes the conviction that the best way to visit, integrate and understand a civilisation or culture is to discover it through its inner richness and pecularlities ie. food wine, culture, sport and not just in visiting popular monuments fleetingly.

We belive in pleasing our customers and for that reason we leave our tour structure open and flexible in order to suit any particular type of customer. Tailor-made tours one might call it.

Be it skiing, hiking, festivals, fashion, extreme sports, historical monuments, or a combination of varied interests we are prepared to take you there.

Ultimate client satisfaction is our cup of Chamomile tea.

Our team

A passion for entertaining and for exploring life in all of its diversities is what drives our team of highly cultured, talented and creative professionals.

Thomas de Douhet


Nneka de Douhet


george 2


Executive Director

Doris Chibeze

Regional Manager Africa